Last night I taught the fourth and last night of my first Bookbinding for Artists class. I had a great time brainstorming with my pupils (each of them was a star) and sharing my love of all things book-related.  A few neat things happened. Julie surprised me with a little gift that came through Downtown Books and News recently (I love hearing about all of the random and interesting books that end up there). From what I can gather, this little book was made completely by hand, and it looks like the pages are photocopied. I love to see such DIY masterpieces.




The next neat thing that happened was that my dear friend Lisa Nance, who took the class to work on an edition of artist books that she’d been brainstorming, gave me a copy of a book that she made yesterday. She works at the used book store and recently became interested in a book on palm reading that she’d come across at work. Here’s how she transformed her interest into a creative project:


(in case you can’t read the cover, it’s titled “My Hand: A Quick Study”.  This type of book is made from one sheet of 8.5×11 paper. Instructions here.

In short, I had a lovely time teaching my first class at the shop. I’m planning to add a few more in the coming months. Check the Dry Goods Shop blog for our calendar to see what’s coming up!

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