working with constraints

I usually enjoy creative projects more when I have some constraining criteria at the outset. When I was in school, I loved when I’d occasionally be given a specific assignment. Still one of my favorites to this day, this piece was the result of an assignment to make a book using only one image and including a blank page. (You might have to look at it to get what I mean)

Now that I’m semi self-employed, I get to explore my love of constraints when I get custom orders. I bound this book for a customer who needed an album for 365 Polaroid photographs.

Of late, I’ve been working with constraining factors in my living situation. Andy and I currently occupy a converted attic apartment on the top floor of an old house. When we moved in, the linoleum tile was peeling, the little dining area (below) was carpeted in dark, grayish brown, and the walls were painted various nauseau-inducing shades like mauve, pale green, and, in the kitchen, yellow with olive green trim. I wish I had a “before” photo to share…Yikes.

The place is small but has a lot of character, and we’ve worked hard to make the quirks into assets. I pulled up the ugly carpet and tiled the floor and we painted everything white (I’d spent a few too many hours looking at Apartment Therapy over the summer). It feels like a big accomplishment to have used limited resources and a lot of creativity to make a weird little attic into a unique and pretty little space.

So that’s what I’ve been pondering lately. What I have been doing, however, is preparing for The Big Crafty. I’ll post some photos of new inventory later in the week!


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