I’ve forgotten to update my blog for the past month. What have I been doing? Well…I have been making quite a few books, but also attempting to take it easy, as it feels like the holidaze has only recently faded.

The winter in Asheville has been pretty snowy, and as I hear more and more stories of winter woe from friends who are sick of the cold, I’ve been noticing that I myself have not altogether detested the frigid airs (I must interject, however, that the “cold” here isn’t really too cold, and also that on Friday the temps will be in the 70’s). All the same, I wondered why the winter hasn’t been getting to me like it has in past years.

I have a lot to be grateful for. As a wise teacher said to my yoga class this morning (in paraphrase), we generally have about five or six things that are going wrong in our lives, and we spend a lot of time and energy thinking about those things, all the while failing to acknowledge the millions of things that are going right.

This thought hit home for me. When I am in a place of gratitude, I can stand in awe of fellow drivers obeying traffic laws that in turn keep me safe on the road. I can nearly dis-believe my luck when I experience the pure joy of hearing a beautiful baby’s laugh. And the gift of creativity! This, on top of having food to eat, good health, and a warm attic to share with my sweetheart and two sweet kitties.

This winter, snow days have all but forced me to slow down. And I need the reminder to take it easy, to let my mind and body rest. What a gift! Spring is coming (with a time change in only 3 weeks!) and I’m looking forward to longer days, of course, and sunny afternoons on the porch, and taking walks without shivers. But today I’m also grateful for winter’s gifts, coming as surprising, much needed lessons.