I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been in France

Being away from home always offers much helpful insight into my everyday life and habits. While I don’t have any specific resolutions at this point, I am ready to be more mindful of the way that I treat myself and spend my time. After all, I have often observed that my life in Asheville feels very much like what people these days call a staycation, full of beautiful, meaningful, and fun experiences in just about every day. I missed my attic apartment, my friends, my kitties, my studio!

When Andy and I were in New York staying with my sister, Anna, before driving back to North Carolina, I showed her some photos from our trip. This one was taken in the outdoor bathroom of our favorite camp site, in Uzes. When I described it to Anna, she said, “Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong country?”

I think I might be happy to move to France, as long as I could bottle up my life and bring it with me.

I have to say that even after we saw the Mediterranean, looked down on a castle from the top of a mountain that we climbed all by ourselves, and ate lots of French cherries, bread, and cheese, the drive into Asheville was pretty damn breathtaking and even more exciting. Cause I’m a sucker for my life.