cramps in my style…something to be grateful for?

About a year ago I came across a local artist making some stuff that was a little too similar to my own work for comfort. And while the details of the similarities are not important, my reaction and the ensuing understanding I came to did was notable. When I talked to a friend about what I’d found and how I felt, she shared a similar experience with her own ideas and style being appropriated around town. And while sometimes it’s just nice to talk to someone who understands my feelings on a given subject, the knowledge that she imparted was far more meaningful than a few moments of humorous commiseration would have been. What she offered was the idea that these types of situations help us grow and change, and think of brand new ideas that are all our own. It’s like an unasked for, unexpected, amazing gift from someone that I initially had a lot of anger and resentment toward.

Today I’m examining the way that I want things to be, the way that things really are, and how the latter is a gift if I make it so.