Hello my friends. Summer is so hot. Andy and I are reminiscing about winter. Classic, isn’t it? But summer has been fun: last weekend we found a secluded pool at the base of a little waterfall in the middle of the woods. I had come to think that there was nowhere outside of an air conditioner or a freezer that was any cooler than ninety-five degrees, but here the water was nearly frigid. A truly unexpected gift.

My summer inspiration has largely been inwardly focused. Maybe the heat is helping to cook ideas in my restless brain, but I have also been enjoying the opportunities that summer has provided for travel and exploration. My trip to France was in May, but I want to share a few photos for my buddies who aren’t on Facebook,which is where I usually showcase the majority of my photos. (If you are on the FB, and haven’t done so already, please add Rockpile as a friend.)

In showing some photographs from the trip to friends and family, I had the thought that many of these photos might look like they could have been taken anywhere. My next thought, though, was how they testify to one of the most remarkable aspects of the trip for me, which was how enjoyable it was in all of its simplicity, and its calm and slow wonder.

So there you have it. My advice to my buddies is to skip some rocks in a river and wash your faces in a cool mountain waterfall. Lots of love.