new class in march: DIY

In the past, I’d hear the term DIY and an image of a haphazard, clumsily made object would come to mind. But these days the concept of Do It Yourself has a completely different implication. (As proof of this, google images of “DIY” and see what comes up- the DIYs of today are neat, and innovative, and well made!) I like the Do It Yourself trend, and have, in fact, embraced it myself in my own bookbinding practice. As I’ve said here before, I embraced the craft of bookbinding because I could DIMyself at home, and I love teaching students all the ways that they, too, can make books at home. Got a few bricks, a flower press, a bone folder, a clothesline and some PVA glue? You can make a beautiful book for yourself or someone you love. Add a neighborhood copy shop to the mix and your bookbinding potential expands.

In that spirit, I’m offering a new class in March!

In the class we will explore a handful of bindings that can easily be reproduced at home with a few simple tools and easy to find materials. We will also learn techniques that work well with recycled and found materials.

Once again I am offering the option of work-trade for part of the class fee. Let me know if you’d like to help me with basic binding jobs in my studio for a partial discount.