Last night we slept with the windows open. The kitties are going crazy watching the birds and I love waking up to the sounds of Spring. Andy and I have traveled out of the state twice in the past month, and it’s been so nice to observe the changing of the seasons in two time zones. Driving back to Asheville yesterday, it looked like Spring had come in the two days that I was away, and this morning my car was covered in pollen.

I always value the insight that I gain when I return to Asheville from faraway places, and sometimes I wonder how I’d ever get any true perspective on my life if I didn’t travel from time to time. I usually come home with inspiring new ideas for how to live and interact in my world.

Several years ago I heard someone say that while it’s traditional to make resolutions at the turn of the new year, Springtime resolutions come more naturally, and we’re more likely to follow through on them. That rings true for me. Maybe it’s that I’m seeing so much new life in the natural world. Maybe it’s just easier to be creative and imaginative when I’m not wearing three or four layers of clothes.

I know for sure that my recent travels, and the warmer weather, are making me want to make stuff. I’m loving being in my studio this morning, wearing shoes without socks, and feeling excited to get to work. Doesn’t the vitamin D feel good?