DIY Bookbinding: Wrapping Things Up

This week we moved on to two basic hardcover structures: a simple concertina/accordion dos a dos, and a single signature “spineless” book.

As a newer student of binding, I loved making hard-back books not only because they looked so clean, but also because they’re very impressive to show off- not many people who don’t have experience in bookbinding can tell how they’re made. These days I love showing students how simple and quick some very pretty hardcover structures can be to bind. Let me know if you’d like info on how to create these two!

Thanks so much to my lovely bookbinding class for all of their curiosity, lightheartedness, and enthusiasm for making books. We had a great time in the three week workshop, and I’m excited to be offering one or two new classes in May. Stay tuned for details and email me at if you’d like to be on my mailing list for classes, events, and news. XO!