rockpile’s new home: before and after

We moved into our new place almost a month ago (!) and it is finally feeling like home. Here are some of the befores:

Every single room and hallway was painted yellow, a color I don’t mind in moderation, but that in this instance was total overkill.

Also, once we had unloaded all of our boxes and furniture from the truck, there was hardly any room to move around!

We put a whole lot of elbow grease into this place…pulling up the old, gross carpet, painting most of the rooms, and doing a lot of cleaning.

So here are the after photos. We have miraculously made everything fit somewhere, and now I can really appreciate all the quirks and cool things about it.

Now I can relax and enjoy this neat little place. Andy spends hours reading in the sun room, and I am in love with my new studio. Come visit!