remembering summer, settling in to winter

I know that it’s not actually winter yet, but it’s 4:15 and it’s almost dark in Massachusetts, and the winter feeling is setting in. I’m resistant to leaving the house in the late hours of the day, and I’m already fantasizing about post-holiday winter projects. My general habit is to work steadily through November and December, preparing for holiday sales and events, and daydreaming about the lazy days of January. Cold outside, warm inside, slow and unhurried with time for projects that are just for fun. I read an article about Freida Kahlo this morning and thought that January might be a good time to make a painting. And in the car today, driving with a silent radio, I had a new inspiration for a January quilt.

I finally got prints of the photos that Andy and I took on our day trip to North Adams late in the summer. I love how they capture the spirit of the season, and especially the spirit of this particular late-summer for me. August is an amazing time to move to such a beautiful place, and our laid-back days felt particularly like a gift.

We stopped by the side of the road to stand on the warm rocks. It might have been the most beautiful day of the year, with daylight to spare.

I’ve found that I can survive the seasons more gracefully if I value each for its gifts on my creative process. And then somehow, even though the sunlight is already gone for the day by dinner time, I won’t dread the cold, dark days of January or all of the creative moments that winter brings.