a holiday tangent…

Rhyming children’s books are one of my secret loves (I’ve spent many an hour reading to amazing little people, and have been known to tear up every single time I get to the end of Yertle the Turtle…it’s such a beautiful story. Really…), and a particular children’s book is coming to mind at this moment, because of this time of year that we’re in, and how it makes me feel. The book is called “Llama Llama Holiday Drama” and there’s this great page, where the little llama is wrapped in Christmas decorations, that says “Llama Llama HOLIDRAMA!” I love that page. And I love that word. Why is this time of year so dramatic? Why am I seriously considering going to bed at 9:00? Well, other than for the very practical reason that I’m tired and cranky and had a long day? This is not really  my time of year to be practical, though.

My body has been aching due to my DIY notions of doing every step of the laborious bookbinding process by hand. At a craft fair this weekend, a customer attempted to compliment my hard work by saying that bookbinding requires a lot of physical work and that I must have a lot of strength. I responded that actually I have a lot of back pain. I said it with a smile, trying to be lighthearted, but…it was kind of a dramatic response if you ask me.

Also dramatic is my notion that I have to muscle through November and December in order to get my reward in the form of January. Today I just had to quit, and take a miniature version of the big break that I’m planning in a week or two. Thank goodness for the realization that it’s okay to be a day or two behind, and for the comic relief that came in the form of this blog post, which I happened upon as I was trying to find an image of the Holidrama page from the Llama Llama book. Enjoy.