I had the privelege of teaching a really lovely group of students last Sunday in my most recent Beginning Bookbinding class. I wish that I’d had more time to take photos, but the day really flew by…so much so that when I was at home the evening after the class, I felt a little bit sad that it was over so quickly. Flying Object is a beautiful setting for a class, and I did have a few very sweet moments of looking at my students from across the room, gathered around the table talking and laughing, and helping with one another’s questions when I was otherwise occupied for a minute or two.

I’ve been reflecting a lot, here and otherwise, about the holiday season and all the ways that it can feel overwhelming for me. Looking forward to this all-day class I constantly told myself that it was my last December event before I’d get to relax, so it was surprising to be in the midst of the day and feel calm and joyful. I love teaching bookbinding classes and feel excited and rewarded after each class, but often feel stressed as I prepare. And while I love the convenience and coziness of having a studio space in my home, I love to share the craft of bookbinding with others and realized that being in a crowd of creative people can make stressful times feel a lot more lighthearted and easy. Isn’t it funny how we learn the same lessons over and over? I constantly attempt to commit my newest re-realizations to memory, but I think that there must be value in lessons re-learned, or else they wouldn’t keep coming up.
Although I did take it easy for a day or so early this week, I’ve found lots to occupy my time, including making even more books, planning another class for January, and preparing for a trip to North Carolina in a few days. I’m very excited to spend some time in front of a warm fire with my sisters, share handmade gifts with my family, and take a quick trip to Asheville with Andy after Christmas. We also got a Christmas tree for the first time ever, and it’s nice to bring a little bit of sentimentality into our home just as I’m winding down and enjoying the winter spirit.
Hope that everyone is enjoying the shortest day of the year (ours is cold and rainy in the valley) and looking forward to the longer days to come.