what happened in january

I have had some funny thoughts and reflections about the internet lately, specifically the idea that if someone wants to know what I’m up to, they should just ask me, instead of hoping to finding out via the internet. Sometimes I just get a little bit dramatic and indignant, you know, and sometimes I have evil thoughts about Facebook…Anyway, I was feeling torn about writing in a public forum about my personal thoughts, and even though I do write on this blog fairly regularly and really enjoy it, I think I needed to take a little break to reflect on my relationship with the internet.

So in the weeks that I was doing that, I had a few interesting experiences that I’ve wanted to share. Here is the last few weeks in photos, with commentary:

Andy and I took a trip to Newport, Rhode Island after the holidays. It was cold and windy but so pretty, and our room had a fireplace, which was amazing. This was outside of our room, and seemed to describe a wintery New England vacation in a nutshell.

Andy thinks that this one is pretty funny:

I met another bunch of enthusiastic bookbinding students and added a more exploratory component to this month’s class. There was so much creativity  to see and it was really neat to witness.

I’ve been working on my quilt and finished the top! Now I have to find fabric for the back and binding. I can’t wait to post photos when it’s finished.

The only other thing to report is that we got some snow this weekend! I’m so glad that this guy likes to shovel.