It’s been a while…

hasn’t it? I’ve thought often of my blog over these past few months and have been waiting to update it. Until life slows down, until I get back into my studio and into the swing of making books again after a few quiet months, until a quiet break from some summer travels…and now, recently, the weather has gotten so hot that I’ve hardly ventured into my sweltering studio to work.

So I guess I’ve come to terms with the fact that the time is now. To sweat it out while binding some new books and take advantage of free moments to be creative instead of dreaming of air conditioned spaces all day long. Summer has been fun, and full, and productive.

Sweet moments in the last few days include finding a huge cucumber growing in our garden, eating wild berries wherever they can be found, and happening upon a mama bunny with four little babies in our yard. When the days are so full of these little joys, it’s hard to feel like there’s ever enough time in a day to enjoy all that summer brings. And then, interspersed with all of this positivity, I’ll imagine a colder day, and feel like I wouldn’t mind if winter came tomorrow just to give some relief from the heat.

In short, the summer has brought a wealth of contradictions to my household…energy high and low, days enjoyed and endured. Today should be a good one. My plan is to pick blueberries, bake a peach pie,work in the garden, and get to work on some books.

Check the classes page for a July class in two weeks.

More news on new books to come, but for now, here’s a photo of the summer…I guess I’ve forgotten to take photos for the past few months.Lots and lots of love from RP.