summer temps update

The past few weeks have been full of all sorts of fun and busy times, and lots of summery happenings.

A dear old friend of ten years came to visit us on her Outer-Banks-to-Tennessee bike tour (shoulda seen her legs…all muscle!), and more visitors a few days ago as well: much-loved friends on their way back up to their New York homestead, which, with its goats, chickens, horse, and more, sounds like a dream I’d like to live in a few years down the road.

My sister is coming down to visit in a few days, and since she’s eager for relief from city craziness and inescapable heat, I’m excited to take her swimming and berry-picking. One of the things I’m currently looking forward to about our move is the proximity of so many beautiful places to visit, combined with a little bit of much-needed free time, so that Andy and I can have some summer travels of our own.

The next month will be packed, but with special times and beautiful people. I’m hoping to have a gathering of friends before we leave town, and it will be nice to have so many people I love in one place for a few hours. I’m also looking forward to the Big Crafty next weekend. I moved out of my studio space this weekend, so for now our sunroom is also a temporary work space, and I’m excited to be able to spend more time at home working on creative projects. I’ll be working on a neat custom wedding book, finishing up lots of books for next weekend, and altering lots of clothes so that I can feel like I have a new summer wardrobe (theme of the week is minimal-but-work-appropriate clothing).

One of the loveliest parts of my life as of late has been teaching my beginning bookbinding classes. The June sessions were wonderful, and  I am convinced that I have the most amazing and enthusiastic students in town (thanks to all of you for making my work so much fun)!


winter photo

it seems like people in north carolina generally takes pictures when it snows. above is my sister, anna, in her fancy dress, showing us her new animal scarf (looks almost alive).

the colder it gets outside, the warmer it gets in this little attic. this picture of the kitties makes me think of warmer days to come.