Busy days at Rockpile

The past month has been busy, but I’ve hardly taken any fotos and haven’t wanted to blog without them. Sometimes I look back through my recent photographs and realize that I’m spending way too much time inside; more natural light, more vitamin D as the days get shorter, more fresh air: goals for this month! Highlights of October included my first Western Mass session of Beginning Bookbinding, many long days spent in my tiny studio making books for a local craft fair, and preparing for a small edition of screenprints for the holiday season.

My past several posts have reflected my focus on making a home in my new location, and I’m happy to report that I’m ready to move forward on that front; that is, I feel at home! Not that every day is amazing or that I’m making millions off of the long hours of book binding, but I do spend far fewer hours missing the mountains (while holding them and my beautiful friends there very dear). Feels like progress, with more (hopefully) to come. Lots of love to all of yous.

Feeling proud…

…of my first quilt!

I loved spending all day at my sewing machine, being able to ask my studio mates for help, and the hour I spent with the woman working at the fabric store (who told me that “bees mean friendship” when I finally decided on the bee fabric for the backing). I loved sitting on the couch with Andy and feeling like such an old lady while I hand sewed the binding. It felt great to send it out in the mail to a new mama and a dear friend, but I was sad to let it go, too.  I guess that means I need to make another one.

winter photo

it seems like people in north carolina generally takes pictures when it snows. above is my sister, anna, in her fancy dress, showing us her new animal scarf (looks almost alive).

the colder it gets outside, the warmer it gets in this little attic. this picture of the kitties makes me think of warmer days to come.