It’s January, and I’m a little bored of making books. This afternoon I have ideas of learning to quilt, and I’m excited about upholstering. Here’s the chair that I recently finished. I don’t have a before picture, but it was covered in blue vinyl, and looked like an old, beat up seat in a car. I think it looks better now.


before and after

Here we have my first adventure in upholstery, and one that I am proud to have done all by myself, with a little bit of guidance from friends and youtube videos.

Here’s the before. I brought this little loveseat home, in its dissembled form, from my grandfather’s house in Greensboro earlier this year. The week that I started working on it, our kitten, Yoko, got hit by a car in front of our house, and we kept the stencil that we made in her memory sitting on it in our living room for a few weeks.

And here’s the after. I also made pillows for the first time ever (and made them poorly, I have to say, but I love them anyway).

I have loved exploring an entirely new medium, and it’s surprisingly exhilarating to try a new skill that I know nothing about, knowing that I may not do it very well at all. To my credit, our living room is much cuter now.

I’ve been taking a little break from bookbinding and sweating in my studio, and spending some time at home, making things at a different pace. It’s been nice.

These refrigerator pickles were really easy to make! And they taste amazing.

And I recovered this old chair with some fabric that Leigh Anne brought me from a fabric sale a few weeks ago.

I have been loving the weather in Asheville the past few days. Autumn temperatures have a lot of power over my memories and feelings and I’m so happy to sit inside with the windows open, cooking and sewing. I also notice that while summer is fun and relaxing, the heat can make me feel unmotivated. Looking forward to fall, I’m ready to embark on a few new adventures that have been in the back of my mind for the last little while.

Hope all are well and enjoying the long days of summer’s end.